About JdeD

Why Janine de Dorigny? (pronounced DoriNy)
Our name stems from a personal story of family, overcoming hardship, and the love that ties us together. Janine was my grandmother, a woman of great beauty and elegance. She also suffered greatly during her lifetime, but persevered through it...
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My story
Hi, my name is Sabrina A. Melendez and I am the founder and head designer at Janine de Dorigny. It’s important for me to explain my story and why JdeD exists. I’m a strong believer in conscientious shopping and living. I...
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Why we exist, as a company
We care about the future and we think sustainability is the answer. At Janine de Dorigny our mantra is to relish the journey. Don’t get me wrong we love the end result, we are proud of what we make, but...
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