Warranty-Janine Jewels

When purchasing one of our boutique or custom-made pieces, you get special access to our lifetime jewellery care services, which must be completed in person at our studio. This service inculdes:

-Ultrasonic and steam cleaning for hard gemstones
-Gentle cleaning by hand for soft or porous gemstones
-Annual inspection of jewellery made by us.
-Tightening of loose diamonds
-Metal oxidation removed

Your fine jewellery is always protected against manufacturer’s defects for up to 12 months from purchase. The warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear on your jewellery.

Lifetime Engagement Ring Care

We take special pride in helping couples find the perfect ring and understand that this piece of jewellery is a part of your forever story. When you purchase a complete engagement ring from Janine Jewels, we offer you Lifetime Engagement Ring Care. A “complete” ring is one where the center gem and the ring setting are purchased from Janine Jewels.

This extends the services offered under our Lifetime Jewellery Care to include:

-Professional cleaning
-Hard stones such as diamonds and sapphires receive ultrasonic and steam cleaning
-Soft or porous gemstones, including emeralds and pearls, are gently cleaned by hand
-Metal oxidation removal
-Additional general repairs
-Loose gemstones are tightened
-Prongs smoothing
-Lost finishes are reapplied to the best of our ability; this includes brushed, florentine, hammered, polished and satin finishes

Additional charges will apply for these services:

-Revamping and restoring polish on platinum, gold and silver rings
-replacing cracked stones
-Restoring worn metalwork, such as millegrain and engraving
-Prong or shank replacement
-Prong re-tipping
-Filling cracks or breaks in the metal
-Reshaping out-of-shape rings
-Any additional repairs not listed here

Please note that our store must complete all repairs and alterations to your Janine Jewels rings. External service or alterations will VOID the warranty on our jewelry.

*You will be asked to review and approve all repair and shipping costs before work begins.

We recommend bringing your engagement ring in for your complimentary Lifetime Engagement Ring Service annually to keep it in the best possible condition. We strongly advise obtaining an insurance policy to protect the value of your jewellery.

Diamond loss
If a diamond melees up to 2mm in size is lost from its original setting during the first 12 months of purchase & normal wear, we will replace it. This service applies only to diamonds. And because all gemstones, even diamonds, can crack break or chip, these situations are not covered.

*Proof of purchase must accompany items being returned for Warranty work. Shipping charges may apply. If you have any questions about your item's return policies, please email us before purchasing at getinspired@janinejewels.com