Why we exist, as a company

Why we exist, as a company - Janine Jewels

We care about the future and we think sustainability is the answer.

At Janine de Dorigny our mantra is to relish the journey. Don’t get me wrong we love the end result, we are proud of what we make, but what sets us apart is that we focus and truly care about the process. We invite and thrive on challenges. This explains why we focus on one-of-a-kind pieces and on custom design. Each piece is completely new. We have no rule book to follow, we think deeply and engineer each project. The finished project is our reward, but the process is where we learn and it’s our journey. Consequently our passion to be involved in every part of the process stems from a deep seated belief that sustainability is essential. It permeates all our relationship and all that we do. From the people we work with to the products and chemicals we carry in our workshop to the time and effort we put into each of our pieces.