Your Guide to Engagement Rings

Your Guide to Engagement Rings - Janine Jewels

So, you’ve decided to pop the question. While the decision to ask for your loved ones' hand in marriage is a heart-thumping, all-inspiring prospect, it also comes with some tricky decisions.

Perhaps the most important decision revolves around one thing — the ring. Yes, that tiny piece of jewelry is all that stands between you and your future, so you’ll want to choose one wisely. 

But where do you start when it comes to picking out engagement rings? Here are a few fundamental guidelines to make sure you’re fully equipped and confident when you ask the big question.

Get the Right Ring Size

No matter how beautiful the engagement ring is, it’s of little consequence if your loved one can’t wear it! The last thing you want is to slip the statement piece on their finger and have it slide back down (or worse, get stuck). Procuring their exact measurements will save you the cost and trouble of getting the ring re-fitted, not to mention the inevitable awkwardness and embarrassment. 

The best way to get a perfect measurement is to find a ring that belongs to your partner and take it to the jeweler where you intend to buy the ring. You want to make sure it’s a ring they wear (so you know that it fits) but not one they wear often, lest they notice their missing jewelry.

Different Stone Shapes

When purchasing an engagement ring, you must consider your partner's particular style and preference. You want them to fall in love with the sight of the ring, so you’ll need to be sure that they like what they see.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to the look of your engagement ring is the shape of the stone. There are dozens of options to choose from, but there are a few tried and true shapes that are worn everywhere and to great effect.

Here are some of the most popular engagement ring shapes (keep in mind they are mostly used for diamonds, the traditional engagement ring stone). 

Round: Round-cut is the classic engagement ring shape and the first port of call for the traditional blushing bride-to-be. Round-cuts are particularly eye-catching and extra sparkly.

Princess: The princess cut is a true vintage throwback, originating in the 1960s. The cut is square or rectangular when viewed from above, with beveled rectangular sides.

Cushion-Cut: A square-cut diamond combined with rounded corners. It doesn’t showcase the brilliance of a gem as well as some cuts, but this 19th-century cut is often more affordable and elegantly toes the line between antiquity and modernity.

Marquis: The Marquis cut is a delicate, understated option, with curved sides and pointed ends. A Marquis cut can be fragile, however, and needs to be worn with care to avoid chipping the gem.

Remember these are just a few selections from dozens of possibilities — and there is undoubtedly a stone shape that suits your partner's style.

Figure Out Your Budget

Don’t forget to check your finances before you go looking at possible engagement rings. Jewelry tends to cross a huge range of prices, so you’ll want to figure out your budget before you even begin window-shopping.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford on an engagement ring (for example, don’t go into debt just so you can buy the perfect piece). Remember you still have to buy the wedding ring! 

If your budget is a little tighter than desired, don’t worry too much — there are always options and you can still buy a fitting engagement ring on a smaller budget. Just remember to shop around at multiple retailers both in-store and online. Regardless of where you buy, you can compare prices to get an idea of the most reasonable prices. 

As mentioned above, remember to think hard about the shape and cut you’re going to buy — not only as a reflection of your partner's tastes, but also because the cut of a stone dictates its sparkle and brilliance (which in turn affects cost).

Consider a Customized Ring!

If you know exactly what you want but can’t find it at the local jewelers, consider purchasing a custom engagement ring for your partner. 

Based in Toronto, Janine De Dorigny specializes in customized pieces and we’re confident we can craft the perfect custom ring for your loved one. To learn more about how we can curate the perfect custom piece for your partner-to-be, call us at 416-459-2515 or through our online contact form for more information.