Why We Love Custom Jewelry

Why We Love Custom Jewelry - Janine Jewels

When you’re shopping for jewelry, it can be hard to find the perfect item. Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or simply want to treat yourself to a new statement piece, it’s important to find something that works for you.

We believe that purchasing custom jewelry is the best way to find something that really matches what you’re looking for. With custom jewelry, you can commission a beautiful and unique piece that fits your needs and preferences to a T. 

Read on as we tell you why you should go for custom jewelry!

Types of Jewelry You can Get Customized

One of the best aspects of buying custom jewelry is the variety that is available to you. You can get all types of jewelry custom-made, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. If you need a piece of jewelry designed for a special occasion, custom jewelers can accommodate you. 

Whether you're looking for an engagement ring, a bracelet for a newborn, or a necklace as a graduation or birthday gift, there is a custom jewelry design available for it. 

Personal Requirements

As is the case with custom jewelry designs, you can have the piece tailored exactly to your needs. 

So often, customers will see a piece of jewelry they want to buy, only to discover that it’s too small or too big to fit them or their loved one. Sadly, there may not be a bigger or smaller size available, and that piece is lost to you forever. You will never have this issue with custom jewelry because every piece is designed to fit perfectly. 

Another issue with shop-bought jewelry is the material used to make it. Some people have allergies to certain metals and cannot safely wear certain pieces. This can, sometimes, make shopping for yourself or a loved one, who has a metal allergy, very difficult. 

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen with custom-made jewelry as the jeweler takes this into consideration and even recommends the most suitable metal for you.

Creative Collaboration

Unlike traditional jewelry purchases, the process of custom jewelry design is a creative collaboration between yourself and your jewelry maker. Your custom-made jewelry is crafted to fit your needs, tastes, and desires.

You are encouraged to be intimately involved in every step of the process, from drafting ideas and images to adding finishing touches on the final product. The final piece will be a special reflection of you or your loved one. 

The collaboration process involved with custom jewelry design is unique and meaningful, and one that you simply don’t get to experience with a conventional jewelry purchase.

Customization Ideas

Being able to customize a piece means you can add many extra details to your jewelry that simply wouldn’t be possible with store-bought items. This is another step in cementing custom jewelry as a must for discerning customers who want a piece that reflects their creativity and individuality. 

For example, customers who are not interested in gemstones can opt for unique metal designs instead! And if you are looking for a gemstone that is more appropriate to you or your loved one’s personality, consider choosing a birthstone as the centrepiece for your jewelry. 

Another popular customization is engraving, particularly rings or bracelets. Engraved jewelry leaves a special message or reminder to the person wearing the customized jewelry and can invoke a sentimentality that you may not find with an unengraved piece.

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