The Best Jewelry Tips for Your Big Day

The Best Jewelry Tips for Your Big Day - Janine Jewels

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important 24-hours of your life. There’s a reason people spend months, even years, planning their special day down to the smallest detail.

Choosing the perfect wedding gown is hard enough, but people don’t talk about the difficulty of choosing your accessories! 

So today we’re going to share some of our most effective tips for picking the right wedding earrings or necklace for your outfit, so you can feel as confident and beautiful as possible on your big day.

Keep Your Pieces Simple and Comfy

The beauty of a wedding outfit often lies in its simplicity. Less is more with wedding jewelry — wearing too many elaborate or colourful pieces can distract from your natural beauty and the design of the dress, both of which should be the stars of the show. 

You don’t want your jewelry to be the centre of attention. You want your pieces to work well together, complement each other, and achieve a sense of balance and harmony between your jewelry and your wedding gown. We recommend that a bride-to-be chooses only one or two pieces for her special day.

We also recommend that you keep your jewelry choices as comfortable as possible. You’re going to be in this outfit for hours at a time after all. The last thing you want is a chunky necklace that weighs your neck down, or long, heavy earrings. 

Match Your Necklace With Your Dress Neckline

Choosing the right necklace is vital, as your wedding necklace is usually the most eye-catching piece you will wear (except for when he slips the wedding ring on your finger, of course). Generally, it’s recommended that you choose a necklace that follows the neckline of your dress, though there are exceptions.

V Necks: V necks are usually paired with a pendant, but chokers can also suit this style nicely.

Strapless: A simple choker or a statement necklace.

Sweetheart: A shorter necklace or choker is recommended for a sweetheart neckline, though some choose to forego necklaces altogether.

If your dress has an ornate neckline or a high neckline such as a halter neck, try to avoid necklaces of any kind. Adding jewelry directly above a complex neckline will simply over-complicate your decolletage and make your outfit look too busy.

Match Metals to the Tone of Your Dress

If you’re having trouble choosing the kind of jewelry you want, take your cues from the tone of your dress. Even a traditionally white dress can have a subtly different tone that lends itself more to one kind of metal than another. 

White: A stark white-toned dress should be attached with brighter metals like platinum, white gold, or even a simple silver.  

Ivory: Because of the creamy hue that ivory has, it is well-matched with gold. 

Pink: Pink hues should always be matched with rose gold, as it creates a fittingly romantic tone to your outfit. 

Silver/Grey: A silver and grey-hued dress should always be attached with silver jewelry, as it’s the closest metal that suits the grey-blue undertones.

Champagne: Champagne-colored wedding dresses have become more popular over the years, and they are usually paired with yellow gold or vintage jewelry as they match the yellow and gold hues of the fabric.

One of the main points of choosing wedding jewelry is that you should always be taking cues from what you already have. Mainly your wedding dress, but also your hairstyle, the comfort of your body, etc. Work with what you have, don’t just choose your jewelry because you like the piece. As we mentioned above, every feature of your wedding outfit should work in tandem with each other, and be tailored to the needs of a bride on her wedding day.

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