Ace Valentine's This Year With This Super Helpful Guide

Ace Valentine's This Year With This Super Helpful Guide - Janine Jewels

Ahh, love is in the air, and the chocolate hearts are flowing. What better way to ring in the day of love than with romance and gifts that show your hunny how much you love them. But wait...what on Earth can you buy someone that has brought so much love into your life?  

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

We get it: Valentine’s Day doesn’t come without pressure. Flowers? Teddy bears? Hallmark cards? Thankfully we have the gifts for you that’ll have her sending pictures in her group chat with all of her lady friends. 

Here are some of our top picks for Valentines Day ideas

Timeless Necklaces

Few things in this world feel more luxurious and elegant than a beautiful necklace. At Janine de Dorigny, we've curated a collection of necklaces that feature charming gemstones with 10K yellow gold metal. Our Love Struck necklace is perfect for the holiday of love. 

Made with Pink tourmaline and moonstone, the pendant is reminiscent of Cupid himself. The gems promote relaxation, trust, love, and peace, so the benefits are just as incredible as the piece is aesthetically pleasing. 

Show-Stopping Earrings

Our Seafoam Party Earrings are easily one of our favourite pieces of our entire line. The unique rose cut sapphire stones are beautifully surrounded by mint green sapphires. These earrings are full of life and vitality and will complement any outfit regardless of the occasion. 

Truly one of a kind, the seafoam party earrings will make her feel like a million bucks as soon as she puts them on. 

One-of-A-Kind Rings

Whether you’re looking for a perfect opportunity to pop the question or simply just for a beautiful piece of art to adorn one of her fingers, our timeless rings won’t disappoint. We’re loving our Kristina Pearl Ring, which features an 8mm cultured pearl and white and pink sapphires. 

Made with 14k yellow gold, this ring will stand the test of time and never tarnish - just like your love for her. 

Looking for an easy way to measure her ring finger without her knowing? Take a ring that she wears often while she’s in the shower and measure that! Simply send in her measurements and voila!

Budget-Friendly Pieces

Are you working on a budget for your Valentine’s Day gifts? At Janine de Dorigny, we want everyone to shop our jewelry! Some of our favourite jewelry pieces are available at lower price points but with the same great wow factor. 


Fire Triune Necklace

Made with two diamonds and one small orange sapphire, the Fire Triune Necklace is a sterling silver stunner. Symbolizing strength, this gift will make her feel appreciated and cared for. 

Deep Blue Triune Necklace

Similarly to the Fire Triune, the Deep Blue Triune Necklace also symbolizes strength, but instead features blue sapphires. The deep blue hue, rounded edges, and brushed sterling silver makes a beautiful statement that she’ll be excited to show off. 

Serpente Ear Cuff

An ear cuff is one of the safest earpieces to buy as anyone can wear it! Whether she has her ears pierced or not, an ear cuff will rest softly on the cartilage. Made of engraved silver, the Serpente Ear Cuff mimics snakeskin's effect, which symbolizes healing and transformation. 

Exploring the Moon Ring 

Our Exploring the Moon Ring is reminiscent of moonrock for a unique aesthetic. Priced at only $2,500.00, this industrial-styled ring will surely turn heads.

As our best Valentine's gift ideas, we recommend including a thoughtful note or letter to let them know how appreciated they are. That’ll mean more than any present wrapped with a bow.


Have you decided what you’re getting them for the holiday? 

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